Title I Family Engagement Policy

Family Engagement Policy

The Haw Creek Elementary School Title I program will involve parents in the following ways:

*Parents, students, teachers and the principal will be asked to sign a parent/school compact at the beginning of the school year.
*The Title I teacher will outline the Title I Reading Program during the Title I Annual Meeting/Parent Orientation in September. A power point and a video are posted online.  
*At least one parent representative, voted on by the PTA board, will serve on the School Improvement Team.  All parents may participate as observers during a School Improvement Team meeting.  Parents may also actively participate in the Principal's Advisory Council and the Literacy Team.
*Workshops will be held to provide parents with strategies to help their children in school.
*At least one Take-Home material program will be available for parents of at-risk students.
*Parents will be asked to sign a register and fill out an evaluation at each workshop attended as a record of their attendance and to evaluate the effectiveness of the workshop.
*In May, parents will be asked to fill out a survey evaluation of the entire Title I program including services provide to the children, workshops, and special programs.