Supply List

Haw Creek 2nd Grade Supply List


School supplies

4 marble composition books (no spirals)

5 vinyl/plastic folders (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple)

1 package of EXPO markers 

2 packs of pencils (prefer Ticonderoga)

2 packs of erasers

1 pack of glue sticks

1 pack of colored pencils AND/OR 1 box crayons 

1 pencil box or pouch

1 pair of kid’s scissors

2 boxes of tissues

2 containers of baby wipes

1 container of antibacterial wipes/Wet Ones

2 boxes Ziploc bags (any size)

1 bottle of hand sanitizer (approved brands- Germ X or Purell)

1 pack of sticky notes

1 package of band-aids

1 pack of highlighters

1 set of headphones*


Disinfectant wipes

Copy paper (white or colored)

Cardstock (white or colored)

Prize box items

Box of markers

Please, no pencil sharpeners; these will be sent back home with your child.

*Earbuds are fine, if they work for your child. 

*Donations of headphones would be greatly appreciated!