Special Education

Resource Teachers: Crystal DeLoughery, Will Henry, Judith Naisang, Lynne Getty

Haw Creek has two special education teachers who provide services for students in grades K-5. A continuum of services reflects students' needs, from small group instruction with the resource teacher to inclusion services that take place in the regular classroom setting.

Each student is provided with an individual education plan that is developed by the IEP Team. Special Education teachers work closely with classroom teachers to support students' individual academic needs.

Teachers and parents can make referrals for an evaluation. The IEP Team determines eligibility/placement decisions to serve students in the least restrictive environments. The IEP Team is composed of the regular classroom teacher, a representative of the local education agency, the special education teacher, and the parent. Related services personnel, such as the speech therapist, occupational therapist, or physical therapist, can also be a part of the IEP Team.

Speech and Language Pathologist: Susan Grogan

The SLP works with students from age 3 through fifth grade to remediate problems with articulation, language, fluency, voice, and pragmatic language that may keep a student from fully accessing the classroom curriculum. She works closely with the classroom teachers, resource teachers, and support personnel to help each student achieve his/her IEP goals.

Occupational Therapy: Kate Hartnett

Occupational therapy in the elementary school as related services, works closely with the IEP Team to help students develop their fine motor skills, visual perceptual skills, and visual motor skills, so the student can function successfully at school.

Physical Therapist: Julie Voss

Physical Therapists work with preschool- to high school-aged children on motor skills that make them safe, allowing them to participate in and have access to their special education program.

Psychologist: Tawney Sankey

Program Specialist: Robin Miller