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The Graduation Initiative is a partnership between Buncombe County Schools, Buncombe County Commissioners, and Eblen Charities that works with schools and the community to support students who are at risk of not successfully completing high school. The Initiative seeks to improve awareness of student issues and to increase the speed with which schools can intervene to support these students and their families.

The Graduation Initiative is also committed to examining the systemic, long-term changes in schools, K-12, that must occur to improve graduation rates. The Initiative uses data to identify areas for change and works with school leaders and staff to build capacity within schools and in the district to create this change. Among the primary areas of focus are improving student attendance and supporting students at key transitions.

The district has three dropout prevention specialists who work directly with students in the schools. They work with counselors, teachers, and administrators in each district to help identify students who are at risk and to implement appropriate interventions.

For questions about the Graduation Initiative please contact:

Graduation Initiative Specialist:

Jill Conner

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