Homework Policies/ Procedures

Students will have a daily homework folder. Homework papers and/ or notes will be sent home in their homework folder in the afternoon. Every Monday, students will receive an assignment sheet that will give their homework, spelling words and reminders for the week. Parents will also be asked to sign each night for reading. I would like to help students become organized so they can effectively complete assignments. Please encourage organization by helping your child get into a routine during the school year. I would like students to be responsible for their own work and complete assignments on their own as much as possible. Homework is a review of classroom learning and should reflect students’ understanding of concepts. There may be times when it is appropriate to read or clarify ideas or concepts for your child but homework is to be completed by the student.

Homework for Mon.:

  1. Writing
    2. Practice spelling


  1. Read for 15- 20 minutes and record (baggy book)
  2. Math Worksheet 
    3. Practice spelling


  1. Read for 15- 20 minutes and record (baggy book)
    2. Practice spelling words


  1. Reading Worksheet
  2. Practice/study spelling words


No homework unless a project or extra credit is assigned