Summer Activities

Parents of rising 5th grade students: Here are some examples of the many syllable types we have studied so far.  Have your child read each list of words to you and then have them show you how they "mark up" the words by syllables. Your child has learned about Closed syllables, Closed syllable exceptions, V-E syllables, V-E exceptions, and Open syllables, open syllable exceptions, consonant le syllable, words with one and two suffixes, the 3 sounds of the suffix ed, the soft sound of c and g, the digraph ph and trigraphs tch and dge.
STEP 1        STEP 2     STEP 3         STEP4                   STEP 5            STEP 6                     STEP 7
shed            bang          dishpan        stripes                   cry                      secretly                    recite
wax              rink             punish          prunes                  so                     dependable               stage
chill              soft             hundred       admire                  remind               crunched                  glance                      
mall             thump        plastic           sunrise                  frozen                predicted                  hinge
sham          bold            contract         contribute              migrate             thanked                    fudge
locks           mild            inspect          demonstrate         skinny                destructively             match
chins           crunch       establish       incomplete            puny                   respectfully               trophy
                     branch       inhabit           give                     plenty                 bugle
                     sprang      squinted        active                      microscope
                                        publishing     expensive              elastic