News & Notes

4th grade WILSON reading group: My 4th graders are starting the year reviewing Steps 1 - 4! They have learned closed syllables and closed syllable exceptions. Closed syllables are syllables where at least one consonant is shutting the door on the vowel so the vowel can't say it's full name. In Step 4 they learned the Vowel-Consonant-E syllable and the vowel-consonant-e exception. This syllable has a silent e at the end so the other vowel can say its name. This syllable can be confusing because of that silent e.       
5th grade Wilson Group: This group is at step 5. We are reviewing the many sound/syllable rules that have been learned in steps 1-5. They have learned closed syllables, exception to the closed syllable, vowel consonant e syllable (v-e), exception to the v-e syllable, open syllables and the open syllable exceptions for decoding and encoding. As you can see, we have a lot of rules to review, but these 5th graders have been zipping right through the rules!
3rd Grade: This group is starting the year off in the Wilson program. In this program, everyone starts at step 1 and moves through the steps as they master the sound/syllable rules. Because many of these students have been in Fundations at Haw Creek, they are already moving quickly through the sounds. Way to go!