What's happening in Music?

What's Happening in Music?
The 2018-2019 School Year

Music Clubs: 

Ukulele Club will start October 10th. It is open to any 4th and 5th graders who want to join. Look for a form to come home no later than October 3rd. 
Drumming Club will start in February and is open to any 4th and 5th graders who want to join. 
Music Programs: 

4th and 5th grade will have a music program in December. More information will come home in late October. 

Second and Third Grades will have a music program spring 2019!   
We are listening for the steady beat in our music. Students should be listening to music everywhere and trying to find the steady beat. We are practicing using our singing voice and learning how it is different from our talking, or speaking, voice. We are having fun making our songs go FAST and SLOW as well as LOUD and SOFT. We dance often and learn about our music instruments and how to play them. 
1st grade
We are exploring the difference between the steady beat of our songs and the rhythm of the words. We just learned a special name for a beat with one sound and a beat with two sounds. We are also listening for high and low sounds in our songs. 
2nd grade
We are continuing to add rhythms and new pitches to our music vocabulary. We will connect music to other cultures through dance, language, song, and instruments. 
3rd grade
We have been finding many different pitch patterns in our music using so, mi, la, and do. We are listening for rhythms that last more than one beat.
4th grade
We are expanding our knowledge we have learned in previous years about rhythm and pitch. We continue to move our bodies to the music through folk dance and instruments. 
STARTING IN JANUARY -  Students will bring home an order form for the recorder.  The recorder is a wind instrument that adds another level to playing instruments, which helps grow their brains tremendously! 

5th grade
We are reviewing some old rhythm paterns in preparation for learning some new ones. We are learning how to play wind and string instruments, as well as working on singing two part songs. We are preparing for music outside of elementary school!