What's happening in Music?

What's Happening in Music?

This year...
Drumming Club will start soon and is open to any 4th and 5th graders who want to join. Look for a sign up sheet to come home WEDNESDAY.
4th and 5th grade will have a music program December 14 at 6 pm. More information will come home in October. 

Kindergarten and First grades will have a music program spring 2018!   
We are listening for the "hearbeat" in our music. Students should be listening to music everywhere and trying to find the steady heartbeat. We are practicing using our singing voice and learning how it is different from our talking, or speaking, voice. We are having fun making our songs go FAST and SLOW as well as LOUD and SOFT. 
1st grade
We are exploring the difference between the heartbeat of our songs and the rhythm of the words. We just learned a special name for a beat with one sound and a beat with two sounds. We are also listening for high and low sounds in our songs.
2nd grade
We just met two birds that live in Music Land. Their names are "So" and "Mi". These birds' names correspond with the High and Low pitch patterns we have been focusing on in our music.
3rd grade
We have been finding many different pitch patterns in our music using so, mi, la, and do. We are listening for rhythms that last more than one beat.
4th grade
STARTING IN JANUARY -  Students should be bringing recorders home to practice. Please remind your 4th grader to keep his/her recorder in a bookbag so ensure it is always at school on Music day. Most students will be passing off their orange or green belt songs this week in Recorder Centers. Encourage your child to keep working ahead in the book.

5th grade
We are reviewing some old rhythm friends in preparation for learning some new ones. We have learned several play-parties and learned their history and context in American culture. 5th graders are also learning a song to sing during the Awards Ceremony.