3rd Grade AIG

3rd Grade AIG
In 3rd grade, Buncombe County students are formally identified for the AIG program.
Whole-grade initial aptitude screening testing will occur in September or October.  The testing and identification process is lengthy and the time it will take is dependent on test companies, scheduling test sessions and parent conferences, and number of students nominated.
3rd grade AIG services and pull-out enrichment groups will begin after students are nominated, tested, identified, and placed and after the AIG specialist has conferences with the parents of each child who meets AIG placement criteria.
Highlights of the 3rd Grade AIG Curriculum 
  • Caesar's English - Advanced vocabulary from classic books and Latin roots (lessons 1-4)
  • Gifted Awareness - Grit and growth mindset
  • Algebraic Thinking - Balances and Tables and Pastures (lessons 1-5), Primary Challenge Math
  • STEAM - Tower building challenge