Uganda Field Trip

Fourth And Fifth Grade Experience Uganda Thanks to Former Haw Creek Parent!
Posted on 11/08/2018

4th/5th grade students took a trip to Uganda thanks to former Haw Creek parent Carrie Wagner. Carrie is an author who spent several years in Uganda and put together a wonderful experience for our students. This two-hour program was chock full of experiential cultural learning. Students "traveled" through 3 learning stations which included 1) Guided Gallery Walk through the Portraits of Uganda art exhibit, 2) Hands-on exploration of Ugandan artifacts and crafts, 3) DVD, Let's Go to Uganda. The video took students into the heart of Africa through the eyes of 10 and 12-year old American boys as they traveled and spent one month in a rural Ugandan village. 
Also, thank you to Bethesda Church for hosting this event!

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