Welcome to Second grade with Mrs. Welch

Welcome to second grade with Mrs. Welch!  

I am very excited about this school year of learning and growing with your child! Below I have listed information about things going on in our classroom as well as some school policies.

Each day your child will bring home a Information Folder that will contain important information.  

  • Monthly Calendar with the schedule for special classes and activities.  

  • Current Flyers and Classroom information

Information Folders need to be returned every day. Any important flyers or announcements of upcoming events will be placed in the folder. Thursdays will include all school wide information  If you have a note or important information for us, please place it in the folder as well. I will check the folders for notes and homework each morning.

Discipline Policy

My classroom expectations and the HAWK expectations for our school.

* I will be respectful.

* I will be responsible.

* I will be safe.

I discuss what each of these rules means and what my expectations are a successful year.

Haw Creek uses class dojo, an online point system for behavior and communication. Students will earn positive points when following school expectations and minus points when needing reminders.

Parents and students will be given a code to access their dojo reports. Parents can message me any time on class dojo.

My favorite part!

I also are looking for any extra special situations to praise your child and look for chances to send home a Hooray It Was An Awesome Day certificate with your child for extra smart thinking, contributing to class discussions, or great manners.  These are hard to get so encourage your child to have these special moments.  

A timeout space will be used if a student needs time out from activities during class.  

I strive to build class morale and develop excitement for learning. I love to see students excited about learning and excited about school!


Additional Information

SNACKS- There is time for snack during the afternoon.  Please send a SMALL snack each day.  Some good choices would be a bag of goldfish, crackers, an apple, etc.

LUNCH- Our lunchtime is at 10:40. Lunch is free for all student this year.

BREAKFAST- Breakfast is served from 7:30-8 am at no charge to you. Please have your child here in time enough to eat and be in class before the bell at 8am.