Welcome to our class!


Welcome to Mrs. Childers’ and Mrs. Millers’s

Kindergarten Class!


We are so glad to welcome you and your child to our Kindergarten class.  We are looking forward to being a part of your child’s life and making his/her Kindergarten experience a wonderful, enriching, and caring time.


Please take note of the following tips and important information:



  • School starts at 7:55, the tardy bell rings at 8:00, please have your child to school on time every day (7:45 is ideal).


  • School dismisses at 2:30.  Make sure you send a note in their folder of any changes in how he/she is going home


  • Make sure your child gets a good nights sleep (bedtime routines are very important now), and always make sure they eat a good breakfast.


  • Please tie your child’s shoes in a double knot, this saves a lot of time retying shoes.  No Flip Flops!


  • As you see by our schedule we have P.E. once a week, however, we play outside everyday.   Please dress your child comfortably, play clothes and sneakers are recommended, everyday.  Sneakers are required on P.E. days.


  • We encourage you to take advantage of our nutritious school lunches.  Lunches are free this year! 


  • We will also provide a free breakfast for anyone that wants it.


  • We will have a daily snack time.  Please pack a healthy snack every day for your child.  Please no juice!  Water only! 




  • Folders:  We will be sending home a daily Take Home Folder.  This folder will contain a behavior chart, any daily work to keep, and other school communications.  It is very important to check their folders daily, and initial the behavior chart.  On the Behavior Chart each child will start the day with a green dot for good behavior, a yellow dot will be added if behavior resulted in a time out, and a red dot is for repeatedly unacceptable behavior possible even an office referral.  We will write comments on the Chart explaining what the behavior was, or I may send you a Dojo message.  Remember to praise your child for a good day and take appropriate action on yellow and red days.  Good behavior is key to a positive learning experience.  In a few weeks we will add a Skills Review Folder.  This folder will contain skills your child should be studying.  Homework is to review this every day with your child to make sure he/she learns these skills.  As skills are mastered WE will place a check by the skill.  We will add sheets as is necessary.  It is very important that this folder stay in their daily Take Home Folder.    Any communication between us should be securely placed in the folder.  Any money must be put in an envelope with child’s name and what the money is for (lunch, snack, field trip etc) and placed in the folder.  Be sure to check the folder every day!


  • Please feel free to communicate with me through Dojo or email. I will primarily communicate through Dojo.  You have, or will, receive an invitation to sign up for Dojo, please sign up immediately so you won’t miss any important information.  I also love sending you pictures of your child at school!  My email is: claire.childers@bcsemail.org


  • If you must make a transportation change during the day please send me a dojo message early in the day and make sure I respond so you know I got it.  You can always call the office at 298-4022.



Thanks for all you do for your child, we are looking forward to a great year!