Behavior Policy

      At Leicester Elementary School, all staff encourage students to follow the "Wildcat Way". In our classroom and throughout the school, we use the "Wildcat Way" to demonstrate cooperation ("C"), good attitude ("A"), try our best ("T") and safety ("S"). There is a whole school Wildcat cheer that we participate in on "Wildcat Wednesdays" during morning announcements. Every classroom, student restrooms, cafeteria and playgrounds have reminders about these behaviors and are encouraged and promoted throughout the school day. Staff members encourage students to follow the "Wildcat Way" through praise, encouragement, acknowledgement and sometimes small rewards.
     My classroom behavior chart has 4 colors for sticks: blue = excellent,green = good, 1st yellow = verbal warning, 2nd yellow = stop and redirect and red = note home/parent conference (only for consistent behavior issues or severe instances). Students will pull colored sticks on the behavior chart if they are having trouble following classroom and school rules and/or safety. I generally give many verbal warnings and reminders prior to having students pull sticks. Pulling behavior sticks is used mostly for repeated, disruptive behavior. I will send home a behavior chart for parents to sign only if a student's behavior needs to be monitored. If a student has a note home, a parent must sign and return it to school the next day. If a disruptive behavior pattern becomes apparent, parents will be asked to come in for a conference to discuss future behavior approaches and strategies. Classroom rules and school expectations (the "Wildcat Way") will be reviewed with students on the first day of school. I also will give students (who do not have to pull sticks) fake money each day to keep in a money jar that I will give them in their desk. This is a reward for keeping on track each day and for following the "Wildcat Way." Students can use their coins to purchase small rewards (toys, stickers, small treats, etc.) from my classroom treasure box. 

    I believe that positive reinforcement and encouragement are important for students’ success. Group cooperation and working together are important skills and I will encourage them through class points. The class will be awarded "spots" on our class giraffe for good behavior in the hallways, during specials and daily instruction. Once the spots are filled, students will have choices about what they would like as a whole class reward. I feel that students should be noticed for their hard work but I also will stress that the reward for trying hard and doing your work in school is a prize in itself. As a class, we will discuss how doing well for yourself is a prize because I believe education is a reward!