First Grade Common Core Standards

       This year in math, we will be working on developing a stronger number sense by extending the counting sequence (up to 120), representing and solving problems with addition and subtraction, understanding and solving word problems, measurement and data (expressing, organizing and representing objects by length and interpreting data), and distinguishing shapes and their attributes, composing two-dimensional shapes and partitioning (circles and rectangles) into halves and fourths within geometry.

In language arts, we will be reviewing letters and sounds as well as phonics patterns to help your child as a beginning reader. Also, we will be working on establishing phonological awareness through an understanding of syllables, short and long vowel sounds, digraphs and inflectional endings. Within reading, we will continue working on comprehension strategies and pulling from deeper within texts. We will explore and discuss key details, plot, messages or themes (author's purpose), mood, point of view, characters, setting and illustrations in narratives. We will also focus on informational texts and main topics or ideas and nonfiction text features such as headings, glossaries, table of contents,  and photographs.
         We will work on writing skills by integrating much of our writing across the curriculum. Students will be expected to recognize distinguishing features of a sentence such as capitalization and punctuation and begin using them consistently throughout the curriculum.  Specifically in writing, we will explore text types such as informative/explanatory texts, opinion, narratives and assisted research on topics of interest.
        Additionally, spelling words will be assigned each week. Students will be asked to practice them each night and then we will have a test on Fridays. In addition, students will be reading independently daily at school and expected to read every night with parent supervision and assistance. Parents will be asked to sign their child’s reading log each night.

        Often in the classroom, students will work on hands-on activities in cooperative groups with their peers. I feel cooperating with others is an important skill that should be encouraged early on and is also a great way to learn. Recognizing and exhibiting qualities of good citizenship in the classroom will be encouraged and expected of all students.