Supply List

Crayon picture 

Mrs. Gragg’s Supply List

4 marble composition books (no spirals)

5 vinyl/plastic folders (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple)

1 package of EXPO markers 

2 packs of pencils (prefer Ticonderoga)

1 pack of erasers

1 small pack of glue sticks

1 pack of 24 colored pencils

1 box of crayons

1 pencil box

1 pair of kid’s scissors

2 boxes of kleenex

1 box Ziploc bags (any size)

1 stylus for iPads

1 set of headphones or earbuds (Headphones      

are preferable as earbuds often don’t fit well in kids’ ears)

1 bottle of hand sanitizer (approved brands-germ x or purell)

1 box of band-aids

1 container of baby wipes or wet ones

**NO handheld pencil sharpeners please!

Donations of headphones would be greatly appreciated!

“Wish List”

(These are the items you may choose to purchase to help our school year go a little smoother.  These items are not required.)

  • 1 pack of white copy paper

  • 1 container of disinfectant wipes

  • Classroom prize items (small toys, pens, pencils, party favor items, bubbles, etc.)  Any other things you think students might like in the treasure box are also appreciated!