Meet the Teacher

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Classroom staff:  Lynne Getty

                           Jackie Metcalf

                           Renee Naisang

                           Justine Lexvold 


What professional training and educational background have you had?

I received my bachelors in elementary education with an emphasis in special education from Emporia State University.  I received my national board certification as an exceptional children's specialist in 2012.  I've also received TEACCH training to help with my students.  I have attended conferences that relate to teaching students with significant cognitive disabilities and students with autism.

 What makes Fairview such a special place to teach?

The teachers at Fairview care deeply for the well being of all students, even those that they don't directly work with.  Everyone works together to create an environment for the students to feel safe, loved and ready to learn.

 What do you like most about teaching at Fairview?

I love feeling like I am part of a family; regardless of any challenges I might have, I know that I have teammates that are there for me and are willing to help out in a moment's notice. The staff at Fairview pulls together to support each other and truly creates a team approach to teaching our students.

 How would you describe your classroom?

My classroom is organized chaos, but that's a good thing.  My students are encouraged to try their best and express themselves, and sometimes, that makes things a little loud.  With the varying severity levels of my students, there are always challenges, but each of my students work hard and try their very best.  I do my best to create a place that all my students feel loved, appreciated, and are truly cared for.  My kids are all truly valued and appreciated for all that they are.

What authors or books inspire you as a teacher?

I love to use Eric Carle books in my classroom.  They are packed with beautiful artwork, great stories, and they lend themselves to excellent enrichment activities above just reading the book.

  What is your favorite quote about education, children and/or learning?

A favorite of mine that is popular in the autism world is "Normal is just a dryer setting". I want my kids to know that it's ok to be different and to be the very best that they can be, even if it isn't "normal".

   For which classroom projects/events are you known?

My class is known for it's Friday Dance parties, lots of laughter, and random thoughts and sayings throughout the day.  The Blue Hall comes together as a family and will host a feast at Thanksgiving for all of our student and their families.  We also participate in Special Olympics and have a year end picnic at Lake Julian.

 How does Fairview create 21st century learners who collaborate with others and have a true passion for learning?

My students require collaboration with many people; most students receive various therapies, both at school and privately.  For my students to make the most progress and get the most out of each day, it takes a full team. 

 In what ways can parents take an active role in your classroom and in their child's learning?

I send a communication notebook home every day that reports what each child has done throughout the day and any upcoming events.  I would love for families to talk with their child about what happens at school.  Any time parents have questions, I am always happy to answer any concerns they may have.