History of the Nature Trail

Haw Creek students celebrate the addition of science experiment stations to their nature trail.

Haw Creek's nature trail has been around for about 41 years. The earliest stages of planning began in 1975 (2 years prior to the school opening its doors to students). All of the work in planning and other stages of this trail was completed during this time. Kiosks, complete with a map, were placed at the beginning of the trails in 2003. In 2017, Haw Creek Elementary worked with the Kids in Parks program of the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation to add science experiment stations and an updated kiosk.

Throughout the years, our nature trail has had a lot of great volunteers who would spend countless hours keeping it up and maintaining it. Today, our students and residents within the Haw Creek community use this trail to enjoy the tranquil atmosphere that it provides as well as its educational merit.