4th Grade Supply List


Student Supplies (for your student's use)

1 - 1 inch three ring binder
4 - plastic folders (one each red, green, yellow and blue)
5 - composition notebooks
Earbuds for devices

Community Supplies (shared with all students)
Yellow pencils (2 packs)
Glue sticks (pack of 2)
Post-it Notes (1 pack)
Notecards (1 pack of 100)
One pack of either markers, crayons or colored pencils
Germ-X or Purell brand hand sanitizer
Large latex free band aids
1 ream of copy paper

Please bring $3.00 to purchase student planners on "Meet the Teacher" day.  Please bring correct change if possible.  

Please DO NOT label any "student supplies".  We will do this when the students arrive for the first few days of school.  Please bring school supplies to "Meet the Teacher" day if possible